SlickViewPlus 5.0

Convert your scanned paper drawings to AutoCAD drawing format!
5.0 (See all)

Convert your scanned paper drawings to AutoCAD drawing format!
Slick! ViewPlus features:
- 3D Views, hidden line removal, and shading
- runs under 64-bit Windows XP / 7
- views jedmics c4 files when running under 64-bit Windows XP / 7
- Views dwf files from Inventor
- batch print to scale
- additional batch printing options: active layouts only, all layouts, modelspace or paperspace layouts only.
- support for AutoCAD 2012 and Autodesk Mechanical drawings
- support for GIF raster files
- support for 3D DWF files
- support for embedded raster images in DWF files
- improved performance when navigating directory tree
- resizeable file/directory window
- windows default paper settings (size and orientation) may be overridden using SlickViewPlus paper settings
- ability to open or insert drawing being viewed into AutoCAD
- improved interface for searching for AutoCAD support files
- powerful dwg viewer, dwf viewer, and dxf viewer from R12 thru the latest version AutoCAD 2012
- fast viewing support for numerous raster formats including large format cals group 4, jedmics, tiffs, bmps, jpgs, and more
- print to black
- print preview
- print date and time stamp
- batch print selected files from Files Window including PDF files
- expandable directory tree
- filenames always present for ease in file selection for viewing
- always active zoom window
- right-mouse click to zoom extents
- double-click to pan around the image
- affordable per enduser license price of $79. Slick! View is priced at $59 per license.

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